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Mindlogicx Infratec Ltd has set up GradFirst -the country’s first Hybrid Finishing School using the versatile, easily scalable and highly robust technology platform called VEDAS (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System).

GradFirst provides training though online means using ultra modern technological tools such as content management system for online delivery of knowledge content and learning management system for performance management. It also integrates the instructor led learning along with the e-Learning in order to simulate the classroom environment while eliminating geographical boundaries. Our online service is enabled by integrated Business Intelligence Tools such as Learning Path and Interactive Graphical Dashboards that provide the students the assistance for the real time performance monitoring and performance forecasting. The online classroom provides the facility to give live lectures as well as archive the lectures so that the students can access the same at a later date. Training is specialized with high motivation as there is significant learning in a short span of time and the students can scale up to bridge the gap and become Industry Ready.


Understanding VEDAS

VEDAS has been built by the Company to e-integrate and deliver the knowledge resources as “on demand” service for the users spread across the country. The service is offered as Managed Application Service (MAS) a concept fast catching up in the IT industry. This means the user need not have to buy the software, contents or get any licenses to use the service but rather pay for the service as and when he wants it to be delivered “on demand”. This typically means “renting out a service”, without having to bother about various factors like bandwidth, connectivity, back up, disaster recovery etc., which are taken care of by the service provider. The technology is unique, the delivery model is innovative & futuristic and the combination of these will give the user the pleasure of working on a virtual world to decide his own future at his own pace and on his own terms - all in his own world of virtual education called “Youniverse”.

Hybrid Finishing School concept

The Hybrid Finishing School consists of components which are implemented as an integrated solution with the following components:

  Content delivery and deployment
Blended Learning System – a combination of learning through live lecturing and access to digital content for self paced learning
  Mock testing with performance analysis and performance forecasting
  Final examination and certification
  Database access to “Job Ready” candidates for the corporate
Special Features of the programmes offered by GradFirst – the Hybrid Finishing School:
SCORM compliant Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
Online interactive session on fixed schedule between faculty and students
Business Intelligence enabled system for real time performance monitoring and forecasting
Assessment system with severity level and assessment timings as variable parameters
Individual learning path with performance graphs, speed analysis and time analysis
Dashboard for real time and simulated performance analysis and forecasting
Randomized presentation of questions and choices while taking assessments
Closed user group facility with message board and report generation for moderators
Mock tests at students’ convenience
Live chat, file exchange, online quiz, opinion polls, whiteboard etc.
Virtual meetings with experts
Result analysis with instant review of assessments
24 x 7 Customer Support with live chat facility
Services delivered as Managed Application Service (MAS) to the end users
Content delivery through Educards

The service delivery is enabled through an innovative product called Educards. Educards are the new generation tool for providing instant access to the knowledge resources stored in the central server by using the unique 16 digit code called Knowledge Access Code (KAC). Educards provide intelligent solutions to excel in various recruitment examinations and also provide “on demand’ knowledge for reskilling and upskilling. Educards give the real “e” power to the users enabling anytime and anywhere learning at their disposal.

To make the service available to the users, a specific Knowledge Assess Code (KAC) is assigned for each user. The Educard allows the user to enter into full services knowledge mall to utilize web based aids like Knowledge access, self appraisal, mock tests, qualifying exams and host of other services. Using this card the User can access various value added services that are made available from time to time.

Educards used for reskilling and upskilling programs offered through Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System (VEDAS) are useful for the final year pass-outs and working professionals who want to upgrade their skill level and knowledge without having to attend the regular classrooms. The programs offered through these Platinum Cards are the certification programs that serve as an additional qualification for the user.

Blended and online learning

The system enables online interactive sessions between the faculty located at a studio and students geographically distributed across the country. The software provides options like user community, live chat, file exchange, online quiz, online opinion poll, whiteboard and other features like sharing of remote desktop, hand holding. The content delivery can be conducted at specified schedules so that there is maximum interactive collaboration between the faculty and students during those times. The live lectures can optionally be recorded and relayed at a later date or accessed by registered users whenever required.

Final Examination and Certification

Students are eligible for the final assessment only on certain number of virtual classes attended. The examination is also conducted online in a distributed environment with all features of secure question paper delivery. The question paper can be set through randomization and delivered to the examination centers mere minutes before the commencement of the examination. The assessment is also done instantly and results are made available within minutes along with reports so that the authorities can take a holistic view of performances.

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