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Certificate Valid Across the Globe

Upon successful completion of the program, students are issued a certificate of completion. These certificates are valid globally.
The certificates offered through GradFirst carry a seal of authentication by way of a Global Access Code (GAC) and the same is made available in the global database.
The students can connect to the prospective employers by using this unique GAC. Using the Global Access Code (GAC), the employer can verify the credentials of the candidate.
This is first time that such certification is being implemented in association with international firms having global credibility.
This process enables the prospective employer get complete student data including his degree marks, performance analysis, details of the certification programs completed on GradFirst and validation of the data provided.
The system is first of its kind, enabled by our patent pending tool known as intelliCAS (Intelligent Certificate Authentication System).
IntelliCAS can also be used to authenticate resumes and tackle fake resume problem.
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