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Business perspectives of Nanotechnology
Certified Embedded Systems Professional
Basics of Project Management
Essentials of ISO 9001 Certification
Essentials of Software Engineering
Effective Professional Communication Training
Developing Self-
confidence & skills for Job Placements
Foundation Level Banking Domain Certification
Foundation Level Information Security Professional Certification
Essentials of ISO 27001 Certification
Understanding CMMi Certification
Achieving Organizational Excellence through Internal Auditing
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Effective Professional Communication Training

Course Highlights
Pre –requisite
As per a recent NASSCOM report on employment trends in India, 75% of technical graduates and 85% of non-technical graduates are unemployable. Corporate leaders assert that a major reason for this is a lack of ‘Professional Communication skills’ or ‘Soft skills.’

Despite having earned a degree/diploma. graduates are unable to land their dream job. What makes the difference between an unemployed and those who got a job? It is the ‘Soft Skills.’

This is a certification program specially designed to identify those soft skills that will help a graduate gain entry into the corporate world.


The objective of this course is to train you in those skills that are normally not acquired in colleges and academic institutions

The training helps you prepare to face job interviews. Even more, it provides you all the necessary skills that will enable you to function effectively in the work place.

Course Highlights

Major areas covered in this course are:
  Techniques to improve Self-Confidence
Writing CV/Resumes
Public Speaking/Presentation skills
Communication in Meetings
Body Language Training
Cross Cultural Training
Pre –requisite

High school or any graduate degree.

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