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Democratizing Knowledge

GradFirst democratizes knowledge, information and communication to foment sustainable career development of the fresh college and university graduates by imparting them with industry specific skill enhancement training. This allows them to explore new career alternatives and establish themselves as the skilled professionals.

GradFirst is supported by the country’s first Knowledge Network (K.Net). Under K.Net, Mindlogicx is creating a knowledge forum to share the implicit and explicit knowledge. This knowledge can be captured, stored, processed and retrieved for empowered decisions in a unified virtual forum. The idea behind creation of K.Net is to empower people by providing them solutions and services. This can be done by tying up with frontline organizations having expertise in development and delivery of knowledge products.

The major objectives for establishing the Knowledge Network are:

Share the existing content, coursework, expertise, ideas, innovations, equipment and facilities available in the limited number of centres of excellence, with a wider group of institutions, educators and students
Take knowledge to the grass root level, to aspiring individuals in the country who want to get professionally qualified and become successful in their career
Create a "level playing field" to all the students from rural, urban and metropolitan cities alike and to compete with each other to get into the dream college or job
Provide equal opportunities to all sections of the academia such as researchers, instructors, mentors and learners to create access and organize knowledge resources
Create a network of partnering institutions, corporate and intellectuals to tap the vast knowledge resources and make them available to the masses through the global knowledge repositories
To make available rare and scarce knowledge resources to the needy at a nominal cost
Ensure greater reach to partnering institutions and organizations to enhance their scope of service and resultant commercial benefits without any further capital investment

With the globalization of economy, the whole world is considered to be flat, where multitudes of opportunities open for the youth who have even an average “Employability Quotient”. To create this Employability Quotient, we need to have a multitude of training institutes with specialization in various skill sets in sectors other than IT and have space for employment. For every one IIT or IIM, India needs about 1500 vocational training institutes from where the real growth in the economy will come. India has 17% of the world population, 2.2% of the land mass, 1.4% of the world's GDP but only 0.6% of the world's trade. Hence the real issue can be addressed only through innovations and democratizing knowledge that can build opportunities.

GradFirst provides training though online means using ultra modern technological tools such as content management system for online delivery of knowledge content and learning management system for performance management. Mindlogicx has set up GradFirst using the versatile, easily scalable and highly robust technology platform called VEDAS (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System). VEDAS has been built by Mindlogicx to e-integrate and deliver knowledge resources as “on demand” service for users spread across the country. The service is offered as Managed Application Service (MAS), a concept fast catching up in the industry. This means the user need not have to buy the software, contents or get any licenses to use the service but rather pay for the service as and when he wants it to be delivered “on demand”.

The technology on which GradFirst is created is unique. The delivery model for GradFirst is innovative & futuristic. The combination of these gives the user the opportunity of working on a virtual world to decide his own future at his own pace and on his own terms - all in his own world of virtual education, thus democratizing knowledge.

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