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Certified Embedded Systems Professional
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About the authors

The fast changing Embedded Systems have the potential to easily change the whole world. Ranging from simple sensor networks, Industrial Automation, Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Wireless, Infotainment, Medical Electronics, Robotics, Network Infrastructure, Computing, Automotive, Railway Signaling to Avionics and Aerospace & Satellite Communication, the whole world comes under one roof – Embedded System. These smart systems have become the life line of every human activity.

We have understood the lifeline of the lifeline of your activity and present to you the in and out, the A-Z of Embedded Systems; Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance through this program. You would find that this could be the first “Complete Reference” on Embedded Systems in India starting from Programming languages, Microcontrollers, Operating systems, System Programming, Device Drivers, Real Time Operating Systems, Protocols, Porting, Testing, Advanced technologies.

This program makes you a Software Engineer, a Testing Engineer, a Hardware Engineer, a Hardware Test Engineer, a Firmware Engineer, a Software Developer, a Software Tester, a Design Engineer, an Embedded Engineer, an Embedded Software Engineer, a System Programmer, a Hardware Circuit Design Engineer, a Kernel Programmer, a Verification & Validation Engineer.

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Graduates, Undergraduates, post graduate in Science, Computers and Engineering. Students, Entry level professionals, Expert level professionals, Engineers and Scientists.
About the authors

Softwares House offers a myriad of IT services that help companies meet their business objectives in an efficient & cost -effective manner. It is a high-end technology driven company with focus in the area of embedded system design, development, incubation, support and training.

Softwares House Embedded Service division is a provider of global consulting services in the Automotive, Avionics, Robotics, Consumer electronics, Telecom and the Industrial domains. They offer services in Board Support Packages (BSP), Reference Design development, Microcontrollers, RFID, Device Driver porting and development, Testing and Networking Protocols.
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