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1. What is Educard?

Educard is the medium for connecting the User and the VEDAS Service Network. To make the service available to the Users, a specific Knowledge Assess Code (KAC) is assigned for each user. This KAC is carried on the Educard which are available for sale through a well appointed Franchisee Network across the country. The password for the KAC is also issued separately along with the Educard.

2. What is the significance of Educard in knowledge delivery?  

This is a concept that has been introduced keeping the future process based card integration in mind as the single source of access into the VEDAS framework. It holds a 16 digit code that are very unique and generated with the algorithm created specially for this purpose, thus virtually providing the user the security needed in such environments. We are working on the technology that will deliver the knowledge through a processor based Educards directly into your system which will be launched very soon.


KAC is the acronym for Knowledge Access Code. This is the 16 digit code printed on your Educard, with which you can access the Mindlogicx Knowledge Network Services. The KAC along with the password supplied to you should be used to access the knowledge network service offered by Mindlogicx. KAC is your unique identity in the VEDAS platform and is used to register in the network for the first time. Password is supplied in a secured manner along with the Educard so that you can use them together to access the knowledge network. You can change the password after the initial registration. Do not accept the Educard box if it is tampered and / or the password sheet is opened.

4. What are the types of Educards and their usage?

There are many types of Educards available now for the users to choose from. These are available for various applications. Depending on the market dynamics Mindlogicx launches Educards including Co-branding cards from time to time. Some cards are meant for competitive and entrance examination preparation while other cards are meant for Reskilling and Upskilling Programs
•The Educards for Upskilling offer programs for working professionals and fresh university Passouts for their upskilling requirements in association with other Knowledge Partners who are responsible for both the content delivery and certification of the programme.
•The Educards for Reskilling are designed for taking mock aptitude tests in GK, analytical ability and other disciplines required for getting into the dream job of your choice. The programme is designed for candidates planning for recruitment examinations in various corporate, IT / ITES companies, Banks, Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), insurance and various other sectors.

5. Can I refer my friend to buy Educard and what do I get if he buys the Educard?

You can definitely refer your friend to buy the Educard. Just use the option “Mail a friend” in the service area of VEDAS to refer your friend to use VEDAS service. once your friend buys an Educard, you will receive a fabulous gift from us.

6. How do I know the status of my Educard usage?

You can check the number of assessments taken from the “My assessment” section and other details from the “user logs” section at any point of time.  You can not exceed the number of assessments purchased and hence you are advised to be careful in using the mock tests prudently.

7. What is co-branding Educard and what are the benefits?

Co Branding Educards are meant for maximizing the value of the cards. There are many joint promotions offered by various co-branding partners from time to time by which you will get the maximum leverage out the card purchased. In a realistic manner, you may end up owning your Educard almost free within a year with all the co-branding freebies offered to you. Watch out for the exciting offers of the co-branding Educards from time to time.

8. What are the benefit of Co-branding Educards?

There are many benefits of co-branding Educards. You may use them to get special discounts for purchases made with the co-branding partners or use them to accrue loyalty points to redeem them for surprising gifts. Contact customer care for more details.

9. Is there any discount available for me if I renew my Educard again?

Absolutely yes. Quote your earlier Educard KAC number while you purchase the new Educard and you will get discount of almost upto 25% for the new purchase of Educards. Call customer care for more details.

10. What is the future of Educard?

Many and many more including packing the desired knowledge resource in the Educard itself that can fit in your palm. Watch out for more exciting news in the service portal.

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