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1. What is VEDAS?

VEDAS is the acronym for Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System. The VEDAS comprises of Virtual Education Delivery and Virtual Assessment System as a suite that will provide the user the power of accessing the specified knowledge at his / her desktop. This is part of our efforts to take the technology to the common man and empower every Indian by 2020 as envisioned by His Excellency Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

2. What is the mission of VEDAS?  

The mission of VEDAS is to enable scarce and precious knowledge resources from various Knowledge Partners like Academic Institutions, Research Establishments, Media houses, Business and commercial enterprises of repute and also individuals who possess such knowledge materials to be made available to every one on 24x7 basis. This is enabled through the VEDAS service platform established and represented by our partner network across the country whose responsibility is to take such knowledge resources to the remotest parts of the country. We would like to empower every Indian through VEDAS and create a knowledge society leading to the evolution of knowledge economy which can make India as a Global Super Power by 2020.


• VEDAS is the medium through which we are trying to provide knowledge at the desktop of the user. It provides the user the comfort of learning under “anywhere and anytime” pedagogy.
• VEDAS is the first and only system in the world to offer knowledge services as Packaged Product with secured login facility to the Knowledge Network Services.
• VEDAS has powerful and flexible system to analyze results and present them in multiple graphs format.
• VEDAS has a Dashboard for Real time performance monitoring and performance forecasting.
• VEDAS has robust and scalable service delivery system at par with international standards.

4. What is Business Intelligence (BI) and how it used in VEDAS platform?

Business intelligence (BI) is a business management term which refers to applications and technologies which are used to gather, provide access to, and analyze data and information about the operations of an enterprise. Business intelligence can help the user to have more comprehensive knowledge of the factors that might affect their end results and can help us to make better business decisions.
Business Intelligence (BI) in VEDAS has been designed in a way that one get the requisite information from the service platform which will be made available as “on demand” service. We have also integrated the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) into the system to provide the user what is called the Service Oriented Business Intelligence (SOBI) system as part of our efforts to deliver the best to you. This feature enables us to provide you with an interface which interacts with you intelligently and lets you ‘learn’ efficiently and helps you to better your performance in the real time examinations. VEDAS has been built using the industry standard Business Intelligence (BI) framework, which means that the best of the technology delivery is at your desktop.

5. How robust and scalable is VEDAS?

VEDAS is robust and highly scalable. The web application is platform independent and uses thin client technology to populate multiple users into the single virtual space at a time.

6. What is Managed Application Services? How does it relate to the service offered by VEDAS?

Managed Application Service is just like “Renting an Application Service” and has far more advantages as compared to Building or buying an application service. The MAS is normally provided to the customers as a comprehensive end to end solution on specific IT deliveries. World over MAS has gained prominence for ease of handling the IT projects and the demand for such service is ever growing according to the industry statistics available. VEDAS is offered under MAS model where the services are delivered through our KPO unit with the requisite bandwidth/hardware/storage available to deploy different application components. For us MAS means complete peace of mind to the users!

7. How does the QoS (Quality of Service) addressed in VEDAS?

We feel, performance and scalability is the two QoS attributes. In VEDAS, the application performance is balanced with other attributes including security, maintainability and interoperability. All such attributes were derived from the business objective and requirements. The QoS is world class! check out. You will never say “never again”.

8. How to choose the exam of my choice in the selection list? Is it possible to select all the exams in the menu?

You can choose the exam you want to practice for from the various options given for each Educard. Select the one that you would like to practice so that you can face the final exam confidently. Though you have the option of choosing more than one mock exam from the list, it is strongly advised not to do so since you will not be able to track your performance in a realistic manner.
Each mock exam results are stored along with the key parameters so that you will get the Learning Path (LP) defined accurately. Most of the features of VEDAS take data on a pre defined pattern and hence you are advised not to waste the trials given under each Educard. Trying too many exams will not give you the real picture of your performance of the exam you are preparing for .

9. After finishing an assessment, is it possible to start another assessment immediately?

Yes. You can take the test immediately after finishing one. You can do so until your full quota of tests are exhausted. Please refer to the number of tests you can take for your Educard, in the User Manual / service manual in the portal. The number of tests is specific to the particular Educard.

10. Do I get to see the answer sheet for my tests?

Yes. The option to review the answer sheet is available in all the Educards. However the option to view the problem solved with explanation is available only on select Educards. Please refer to the details of your Educard in the Educard specifications given in the service portal.

11. How authentic are the questions and the content?

The questions and content for various reskilling and upskilling programs are compiled by the in-house Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) in technical assistance from the Expert Panel comprising of Academicians, Researchers and Analysts. These experts have in-depth understanding of the subject and have been associated with various examination boards across the country. We also have strategic tie up with various knowledge partners who provide the required knowledge base for the specific programmes that are offered under each Educard.

12. How many quick, smart and full tests can I take altogether?

You can take any number of quick, smart and full tests but not exceeding the overall quota allotted to you. You can choose the severity level accordingly to your convenience. Each of the tests you take is considered for assessing your overall performance and the results can be seen immediately.

13. How real is the assessment?

VEDAS offers a real time performance analysis through the LP which gives you the idea of your learning process over a period of time. There are graphs for the tests and subjects you have chosen to test your skills and there is also the Dash Board which will give you a near accurate performance forecasting. The assessments based on the real time analysis and are realistic.

14. How does the Dashboard help me to improve my performance, as a student?

The purpose of dashboard is for cumulative analysis and relative study of the assessment and enables you to assess yourself against the other user community on a real time mode, create your LP and provides the option for Performance Forecasting. Certain features like the number of assessments you have exhausted and the remaining, your average score card and the Performance Forecasting are the specialty of the Dash Board. This is a mathematically simulated system using a well defined algorithm which takes the requisite data on real time mode. However Dash Board results are suggestive and not conclusive. You need to prepare yourself thoroughly and use the Educard Service only to test yourself as part of your preparations for the actual examination.

15. How I can plan for enhancing my performance?

After you complete the test you will be able to see your performance in rich graphical formats for the subjects and the dynamic tests depending on the privileges given to you and then plan your action for improving your performance level. You can also use the Dash Board to get the near accurate information to know your performance forecasting as of that time. After analyzing your weak areas you can use the ‘my task’ section of VEDAS and create tasks to strengthen your overall assessment.

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