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Bridging the Skill Gap

India offers a unique combination of attributes that have helped it get established as a preferred offshore destination for IT-BPO. Abundant talent pool of the country is the key factor contributing to it. From India’s young demographic profile (an inherent advantage), to its vast network of academic infrastructure that churns out 3.1 million graduates annually, to its English-speaking workforce, the country offers an unmatched mix of human-power benefits to organizations.

Despite the strong foundation, there are growing concerns about the existing available talent pool being unsuitable for employment due to a skill gap. For the industry to sustain the present trajectory of growth there is a dire need for the industry—technical institutions convergence to bridge the skill gap between the available talent and knowledge pool and its employability.

The quality of higher and technical education has a direct impact on the industrial development and hence socio-economic advancement of the country. In the face of international competitiveness, the industry expects the new workforce to have skills that would keep them abreast with the latest developments. In this situation the academia is facing hardship in bridging the gap as there are no platforms available wherein they can discuss the needs of the industry.

It has become imperative to enhance the Indian talent pool to maximize the industry’s potential and enable the sector to further catalyze the country’s galloping economic growth rate. Mindlogicx has taken the lead in ensuring that requisite remedial actions are undertaken – well in time – to avoid any form of talent crisis. Mindlogicx has established GradFirst as a workforce development platform and launched several initiatives, in partnership with the industry and academic partners. GradFirst is the catalyst to enhance the employability of the available manpower for all kinds of jobs by bridging the skill gap as per Industry requirements.

Skill Enhancement through GradFirst

The delivery model for GradFirst is in the form of a pyramid. We have designed the pyramid in such a manner that three layers of services are delivered to the students. The BoP takes care of the basic needs of the students in the form of reskilling while the MoP and ToP take care of the mid and higher layer of the skills empowerment by way of upskilling. The subjects are designed in line with the course curriculum of the students viz., Science, Commerce, Engineering and Management.
The base of the pyramid represents simple technical skills (including entry level jobs in the BPO industry and vocational jobs like networking, hardware maintenance, etc.). The middle of the pyramid stands for skills which are mainstream and account for the majority of the existing shortage in the industry, while the top of the pyramid represents high-end technology skills (in areas such as bio-informatics, embedded software, product architecture, DSP, VLSI, program management and multimedia convergence), which are niche today, but will become mainstream in the near future.
GradFirst provides training though online means using ultra modern technological tools such as the content management system for online delivery of knowledge content and learning management system for performance management. Our online service is enabled with integrated Business Intelligence Tools such as Learning Path and Interactive Graphical Dashboards that provide students the assistance for real time performance monitoring and performance forecasting. Training is specialized with high motivation and learning environment for graduate students and students who are on the verge of graduating by imparting significant learning in a short span of time to bridge the gap so as to make them Industry Ready.
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