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Innovation is not invention – it is not about discovering or building something new but it is about constant change and not being static. It is about doing new things or even doing old things in better, faster or more economical ways. It could be small, incremental changes in the current scheme of things or drastic or disruptive changes. Innovation involves constantly fine tuning business processes, entering new markets, serving the customers better and keeping the employees motivated. Innovation also involves inviting ideas from every sphere, exploring the worth of every idea and implementing every worthy one. We have an Innovation Centre (IC) at Mindlogicx which acts like an incubation

centre for ignited minds. We encourage employees to come out with brilliant ideas and if found suitable, the same is taken up by IC for implementation, irrespective of the fact, where the ideas emanate from or who has authored the ideas.

IC believes in taking calculated risks and showing commitment for positive growth under the direct supervision of the CEO. We believe that innovation positions a brand forward, as a market leader in a world of competitive environment. In the market today, every brand is vying with another to capture market supremacy. Innovation comes in handy for one who wants to position his brand as a market leader - whether it is a better quality product, better branding or packaging, innovation is an essential every where.

We aim for the stars, as they say, sky is the limit. To know more on Innovation at Mindlogicx, email

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