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Candidates Profile Authentication

Students can enroll and take programs through GradFirst. Students can also upload their profiles. GradFirst accepts student profile once they are authenticated through the institute they belong to. Once done, the profiles are uploaded to the global profiles database. As these profiles are directly taken from the institutes, they are 100% authentic.

Access to this authentic profiles database is available from all across the globe. These authenticated profiles in the GradFirst database act as their passport for employment anywhere in the world. GradFirst provides access to authentic candidate profiles to the recruiters. Hence the acceptance level of the recruiters for students coming through the GradFirst route is higher.

Each profile is assigned a unique 10 digit Global Access Code. Using the GAC for each profile, the credentials of the candidate may be checked and validated from the global database maintained by our partner organizations that have a worldwide presence.

Using the Global Access Code (GAC), prospective employers can verify the credentials of the candidate. In this way, the employer gets complete student data including his marks in degree, performance analysis on VEDAS platform and validation of the data provided. In this manner, the chances of candidates getting short listed for jobs increases.

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