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IT Skills

Course Details
The field of Information Technology consists of computer science, communication technologies and computer networks knowledge domains including the internet. With the ever-increasing utility of computers and internet in our daily lives, the reskiling program in IT Skills is extremely important for any engineering or management graduate. The domain knowledge of IT is essential to get entry into any job position in the industry.




The goal is to provide training to individuals in order to
Provide basic understanding of the field of IT
Provide a comprehensive source of learning for various concepts related to computers and internet
Enable the users to use internet services and systems effectively and independently.
Make the user meet the requisites of IT industry.

Course Details

The program covers the following topics
Basics of Computer Science
Different parts of the computer
Various types of hardware and software
Overview of the Internet
Using the World Wide Web
Searching for Information on the Internet
Using E-mail
Using the Internet for Education and Job searches
Basic knowledge of the computers & Networking applications
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