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We will enable you to become job ready
Our objective is to “Innovate. Enable. Empower” thus helping the youth become "employable".
  It builds a bridge between campus and careers in the form of online programs that impart actionable knowledge for rewarding careers.
The purpose of the training programs is to provide specialized skill enhancement to graduates equipping them to effectively face challenges on job assignments.
Major benefits to GradFirst students include:
  Economical learning, at a fraction of traditional cost (upto15%)
  No need to commute long hours to coaching centers battling traffic
  Independent of faculty based subjectivity and consistency in quality
  Anywhere-Anytime learning with internet connection
  Students are able to decide their own milestones with self paced learning
  Result measurement is automatic; auto progress tracking
  Exposure to industrial practices and provides a practical knowledge of business problems
  Provision for instant evaluation and feedback for further improvement
  Fast ramp-up time for knowledge/skill enhancement
  Fulfills the gap between desired and existing skills


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