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Job Ready

Job Ready is the innovative next generation Job Portal from Mindlogicx. The prime objective of this portal is to promote the Industry – Institution interaction. Simultaneously, offering opportunities to students and producing quality workforce to the industry who are job ready. The focus and main objective of the portal is to enable fresh graduates to gain employment of their choice with a little hand-holding.

On one hand, this portal increases the awareness on opportunities available in the industry and on the skill set required to tap those opportunities. At the same time this portal also provides the services to educate, train and prepare the students to take on the key job responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner.

In addition to the fulfillment of above prime objectives, the Job Ready Portal also contributes
To reduce the gender inequality by training highly capable professional women.

To provide conducive environments for learning by providing highly specialized skill-enhancement programs online.


To reduce the Urban – Rural Divide by providing equal opportunities to the students from all engineering colleges

To provide opportunities to thousands of students from all engineering and MCA colleges.

To produce job ready graduates by imparting industry grade skills.

To utilize the inherent potential of the bright students to train the peer students.
The recruitment partners also stand benefited from the Job Ready Portal as they get access to 99.9% accurate database of skilled manpower which they always look for. This database contains the profiles of the students who have already completed Reskilling and Upskilling Programs. So the Recruitment Partners will benefit from the services of JRP by getting the manpower which is fully equipped as per their requirements.
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