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Everyone has a dream

In order to realize a dream, it is important to find the means to realize it. Sometimes dreams slip past you, as you watch helplessly and end up being an unfinished agenda of your life. When you don’t realize your dream, you tend to take it as destiny playing its part in your life. You reconcile yourself as being a child of destiny. But the fact is that we all have a choice, and our life, and dreams depend on the choices we make.

We sincerely believe that the dream of one billion Indians can not go wrong. You are one among them. Partner us. We will incubate the dream, together.

GradFirst – Powering India’s Knowledge Competency

The economic transformation of India is one of the great business stories of our time. With India’s seemingly endless flow of young and motivated engineers, scientists, and business managers offering world skills in almost every areas of global business, we are emerging as the next “superpower”. It is heartening to note that we are poised for explosive growth and heralded as the next economic super power by 2020. But are we in a position to really live up to the expectation or is it just hype?

With many multi national companies setting up operations in India, there is a sudden demand for skilled workforce in retail; IT enabled services like BPO, KPO etc., which require human potential to handle volume business. We will convert the erstwhile weakness (population) into an opportunity (again population) by providing various reskilling / upskilling programs to the needy in association with experts in respective domains. There has been a great demand for such professionals while the supply is less.

The programs are offered to students so as to enable them to enhance their skill-set and focus on their career graph in a more effective manner. GradFirst is a milestone that enables students in colleges / universities and polytechnics to acquire skill sets required to help them become “employable” or “Job Ready”. The system empowers you to become a full fledged professional in whichever discipline you are pursuing and makes you “Job Ready” by the time you get your formal degree / diploma. The services are offered to students of registered colleges and institutions in Science, commerce, Engineering and Management disciplines. Please contact your college Principal / Academic counselor or Placement Officer who can help you join us.

GradFirst has the capability of reaching the length and breadth of the country and by breaking most barriers – thanks to the powerful technology platform on which GradFirst is deployed. The technology platform known as VEDAS (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System) has built-in features to simulate real time class room environment with online content delivery, online assessment, complete SCORM compliant digital library, online performance analysis and forecasting and many such features that will heighten the student’s competitiveness in the subject chosen. There are options like Learning path (LP) for performance tracking and Dashboards for performance analysis such as peer to peer review, speed analyzer, rank analyzer and even forecasting the required learning rate versus current rate of learning.

GradFirst just fits into the requirement and provides various reskilling or upskilling to the final year graduates in Science, Commerce, Engineering and Management disciplines and makes them employable or Job Ready. While GradFirst delivers programmes similar to a physical system, it takes advantage of spreading across the country without having to invest on fixed assets, faculty and other resources.


How Can We Do This


The business model is to provide various reskilling or upskilling programmes in order to make them “employable” or “self employable” or enable them to transform themselves from being job seekers to job providers. The target is millions of graduates who need a little “hand holding”, a mentoring process by which we can make them become “Job Ready”. The business model is to convert the human population into human potential and make them employable in areas of their expertise.

Hardly 30% of students who pass out of schools are able to get into professional colleges due to lack of training resources available to prepare themselves for the competitive examinations. Only about 30% of graduates who pass out of the colleges are employable or Job Ready. We will bridge the gap by providing the requisite knowledge through GradFirst.

We have developed many programmes for each category of students in science, commerce, engineering and management disciplines and have tied up with prospective employers who are interested in such “processed” or “skilled” graduates. GradFirst plays the role of an enabler.

On a global level, India is known to be the IT destination but the fact is only 2.5% of the world’s GDP is attributed to the software industry while the balance 97.5% is attributed to the rest of the economy. While Trading and retail is about 1.5 times bigger in size compared to IT, manufacturing is 11 times bigger than IT sector. Compared this to Tourism industry which is 6 times bigger to IT, whereas Health care is about 4 times bigger than IT, not to mention about Education which is 4 times bigger than the core IT sector. This means the employment opportunities are spread in every industry vertical, what is required is to enhance the “employability quotient” of individual aspirants. This can be done by making them “work smart” by providing “hand holding”.


How Can We Make This Business Model Successful


This task will be accomplished through Educards – an innovative knowledge access card which contains a 16 digit access code for secured login to our knowledge repository. Educards provide instant knowledge delivery to the users from where ever he / she is, thus providing a true “any time, anywhere” learning experience.

And here comes the business opportunity for all of us - wrapped up so long and not identified by anyone so far. We will market the reskilling / upskilling programmes through Educards to educate, empower and enable them to get into their dream Job. There is an Educard for every one and for every need!

The certificates offered from GradFirst carry a seal of authentication. A Global Access Code (GAC) is provided as a part of the certificate and the same is made available in the global database. Students can connect to the prospective employers by using this unique GAC and there is a secured validation system inside the service which will vouch for the authenticity of the knowledge base of students so that they get an edge over others.


Partner with Us. We Will Together Make This Vision A Reality


Mindlogicx is looking for corporate, business houses, IT training centers, educational institutions and retired professors & teachers, graduate youth and housewives with IT background to work as Franchisee Partners. As Franchisee partners you will be selling the programme through Educards which works like an electronic passport to prosperity. By becoming part of our network, you can command respect by virtue of addressing the national issue of unemployment & under employment and what’s more, you will be earning a decent income for your life time.

We have tied up with many corporate and other global companies world over and also with prestigious educational institutions that share the same mission and look forward to capitalize on the billion dollar business opportunity. We are moving towards becoming the world’s largest knowledge network by creating the largest knowledge resource repositories in the world. Simply put, we are trying to address the market demand by working smart and working fast – with the power of technology

A Leader is the person who can transform vision into reality.

Be a Leader.
Partner with us to build a better tomorrow.
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