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India needs 3.5 million manpower by 2011. Are you ready?
The Facts
Churning out 3.1 million graduates every year
India's institutes of higher learning produce approximately 3.1 million graduates every year. India currently has around 347 institutes of higher learning and 16,885 colleges with a total enrollment of over 9.9 million. These institutes produce around 495,000 technical graduates, nearly 2.3 million other graduates and over 300,000 post-graduates every year.
The Predicament
Only 30% of the graduates are employable (NASSCOM survey)
  Only 30 percent of the engineering graduates are employable in the industry verticals.
  Hence, the question - what happens to the remaining graduates?
  Despite such a large number of graduates passing out of colleges each year, we are not able to fill the vacancies in the industry.
  There is a gap between practical job requirements and academic training.
  Our academic training is not geared to help our graduates become job-ready.
  The system doesn't provide basic skills or soft-skill training that will help graduates' seamless transition to the professional world.
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