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GradFirst: Powering India’s Knowledge Economy

GradFirst is an Hybrid Finishing School promoted by Mindlogicx Infratec Limited, India’s first knowledge networking company. GradFirst is focused on providing training though online means using ultra modern and innovative technology; it imparts significant skill building in a short time span helping a graduate become "Job Ready".
The Objective of GradFirst is to:
  Provide online reskilling & upskilling programs for fresh graduates making them Job Ready
  Deliver training and knowledge services to sharpen a graduate’s skills
  Prepare a student to enter the work-environment as dynamic professionals with confidence and relevant knowledge
  Empower the youth of the new knowledge economy to launch their professional life
Our Innovative Technology Platform:
  Enables users to access, store, retrieve and reuse knowledge to power their competencies
  Provides a graduate access to a wide spectrum of training resources in order to build their skill levels
GradFirst is focused on providing:
  Online training though innovative technological tools
  Content management system for online delivery of knowledge content
  Learning management system for performance management
  The right learning environment for graduates and graduating students
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