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Recruitment Partners: Showing the right way

Technology is changing at such a rapid rate and in no time technology and resultant products border on obsolescence. This trend is even more conspicuous in high-tech industries like IT. With the average technology life being between 3-5 years, there is a continuous need to upgrade knowledge and skill of all employees. There are many new and better ways of doing the same old business that get introduced almost every day. Changes in technology and process go together. The old ways of managing projects, people and customers do not work in today’s markets, and this is yet another reason for reskilling.

Information Technology evolves every day. There is notable change in all aspects of the IT environment. One thing is certain, every one is required to make a change in order to be effective and make that critical value addition. Considering the present scenario, organizations are left with little choice in integrating reskilling into their development plans.
GradFirst reskills fresh graduates from universities and colleges by providing necessary skill training, so that they become Job-Ready.
The Recruitment Partners to GradFirst include the corporate and organizations who have large requirement for the skilled
manpower. GradFirst provides Recruitment Partners an access to 99.9 % authentic database of reskilled and upskilled candidates. The partners gain an added advantage of getting direct access to the talent from campuses. It also helps to save time, cost and effort, to spot the right candidate for a right position within their organization.

The programs provided through GradFirst are prepared by the various Knowledge Partners as per industry requirements and based upon the globally accepted industry standards. The users completing these reskilling and upskilling Programs are better equipped to meet the challenges on job and hence Improve Productivity. GradFirst assists recruitment partners to get authentic database of students. These are the students who have already gone through skill enhancement training. Partners can save a huge cost involved in conducting recruitment tests and interviews for shortlisting of right candidates for right jobs.

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