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Decision Making
Course Details
Decision Making is an important technique which enables us to make the best decisions possible. This programs’ main focus is to improve the decision making skills among the users and provide the best in all the circumstances.


This program enables you to map out the likely consequences of decisions
It enables you to work out the important individual factors and makes you to choose the best course of actions to be taken

Course Details

The program covers the following topics
Introduction to Decision Making Techniques
Selecting the most important changes to make - Pareto Analysis
Evaluating the relative importance of different options - Paired Comparison Analysis
Selecting between good options - Grid Analysis
Choosing between options by projecting likely outcomes - Decision Trees
Weighing the pros and cons of a decision - PMI
Analyzing the pressures for and against change - Force Field Analysis
Looking at a decision from all points of view - Six Thinking Hats
Seeing whether a change is worth making - Cost/Benefit Analysis


This program helps you to train on the following.

Identifying the most important changes to make.
Differentiating option and to identify the best of the good options.
Distinguishing different decisions based on the likely outcomes


Graduate in any stream
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