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Learning Strategies
Course Details

Learning strategy provides the best techniques to learn a material with quick understanding and efficient time management. It removes the barrier for success by technical utilization of material with the easy procedure which renders you as the innovator.



Improving the learning by understanding the intent to learn
Ensuring efficient ways to understand the new information
Helping things to understand by reality and examples

Course Details

The program covers the following topics
  Introduction to Learning strategies
Absorbing- Active Listening
Applications of private speech
Strategies for critical thinking in learning
Active and efficient learning
Developing self-discipline
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Problem-based learning
Effective Habits for Effective Study
Group Projects of group projects
  Emotional Intelligence 
Developing a plan for implementation - Monitor progress
  Makes you to Visualize and Paraphrase what you are studying
Develops your learning by educating the easy techniques to understand by Comparing or contrasting information
Inherits the creative potential by improving the knowledge
Improves the understanding capability by making the learners as the best critics
It also trains you to get prior knowledge for efficient learning


Graduate in any stream
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