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Performance Management
Course Details

This program enables you to track down the performance as established by the goals. It also enriches your management quality through the feedback from others, identifying and correcting deficiencies and resetting goals when required.



Educating to improve the performance by utilizing enough Resources, good Environment and intelligent processing

Course Details

The program covers the following topics
Introduction to Performance Management
The Human Side of Performance Management
  Performer Level and Performance Improvement
Job/Performer Goals
  Process Level, Goals, Design, Management
Impacts of Performance Management
The Importance of Corporate Performance Management
Performance Planning
Positive Thinking & Opportunity Seeking
Global Team Development
The Shared Management Model
Value of appraisals
Maintaining Performance
Focus is on the main aspects of Performance Managements such as learning, understanding capability and reframing
Helps you to concentrate on the technical side for your improvement on the job level
Concentrating on the continuous performance improvement
Performance Management training is differentiated as job level, process level and organization level so as to utilize the desired field


Graduate in any stream
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