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Stress Management
Course Details
The stress of exhilarating, creative successful work is beneficial, while that of failure in humiliation or infection is detrimental. This program is specially focused on managing stress under various circumstances.


Enabling the individuals to increase productivity by managing their stress
Enabling the individuals to handle critical situations
Ensuring the better health by reducing stress
Course Details
The program covers the following topics
Introduction to Stress Management
Stress Diary - Identifying the Causes of Short-Term Stress
  Job Analysis - The First Step in Managing Job Overload
Performance Planning - Planning to Manage Performance Stress
  Imagery - Mental Stress Management.
Physical Relaxation Techniques - Deep Breathing, PMR and the Relaxation Response
  Rational Positive Thinking - Positive Thinking, Built on Firm Foundations
Anger Management - Channeling Anger into Performance
Burnout Self-Test - Checking Yourself for Burnout
Building Self-Confidence - Developing the Self-Confidence which you deserve
  Stress Management will be focused on the different groups of people with separate ideas
  This program helps to relieve the individuals from their work strain and the personal problems


Graduate in any stream
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