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Business perspectives of Nanotechnology
Certified Embedded Systems Professional
Basics of Project Management
Essentials of ISO 9001 Certification
Essentials of Software Engineering
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Developing Self-
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Essentials of Software Engineering

Software engineering (SWE) is a multi discipline, rapidly evolving and fast changing field. SWE is concerned about every aspect of software (SW) such as SW development, distribution, implementation, execution and operation & maintenance. Like any other discipline, SWE has also taken knowledge and skills from many fields and has added its own body of knowledge. SWE has taken majority of the inputs from three disciplines - Computer science, engineering and management. It has also created its own knowledge areas like object oriented analysis and design, service oriented architecture, web services, etc.


The objective of this course is to provide an in-depth understanding of software engineering discipline. The focus of this course is on the basic concepts and practical skills required for a software engineer to succeed in real software world. The course cover the practices of software engineering which is currently being used in real software world for developing software . This course will improve your employability in software world.

The program covers the following topics
Introduction to SW engineering
Understanding SW requirements
SW project management
Understanding use cases
Object oriented analysis and design (OOAD)
SW design
SW construction
SW testing
SW operation and maintenance
SW platform
Graduation in any stream
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