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The main focus of training service provided by Hybrid Finishing School is that the most of the participant's time should be spent in creative learning rather than in dry, formal lectures or reading volumes of content. More importantly these services help participants to identify the difference between effective and ineffective behavior and guide them in ways that will help them to change aspects of their behavioral style that may need improvement. The aim of the training is to increase flexibility and customization to meet the changing needs of our customers. Training consists of variety of delivery methods, offering a broader range of subject matter.

The training services provided by Hybrid Finishing School may be broadly divided into three main categories:

Reskilling Programs
Upskilling Programs
Soft Skilling Programs

If we look at future major areas like IT, ITES, Banking and Insurance services, which demand a different set of soft skills and talent rather than traditional, then the requirement  of such training services become imminent. The existing gap between industrial practice and knowledge among professionals is bridged by these services. These services encompass a wide spectrum of programs that assist the students to expand their skill set so as to become “Job Ready”.

The training given to the Freshers in Finishing School has the following main benefits:

Enhance and sharpen the skills of the candidates
Practice based curriculum
Exposure to the industrial practice
Provides a practical knowledge of business problems
  Real time monitoring of learner path and capabilities
  User defined modules and support granular learning
Aims to encourage candidates to develop poise, grace and confidence
Fulfills the gap between desired and existing skills
A successful, proven and market tested concept
Provision for instant evaluation and feedback for further improvement
  Fastest ramp-up time for knowledge/skill enhancement based on the latest IT environment
Engaging and interactive learning environment
Committed to provide quality programs and training


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