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Upskilling Programs: Another opportunity to learn afresh

If you always wanted to learn a subject, but somehow missed it, here is your opportunity now.

Upskilling programs provide students an opportunity to learn the subjects of their own choice irrespective of the domain the student has been educated in. After completion of the course of study through the program and the requisite credits are obtained by the student in the self assessment, the candidate goes through an online examination to obtain the certificate of completion. For ease of selection, the programs are aligned on five major disciplines.

According to NASSCOM estimates, there would be a potential shortfall of 5,00,000 skilled professionals by 2010. Such situations have made all industry sectors to rely heavily on finishing schools to develop skilled professionals. This adds to the responsibility on finishing schools as they fill the existing gap between academia and industry.

The training given to the freshers in GradFirst has the following main benefits:

Enhance and sharpen the skills of the candidates
Practice based curriculum
Exposure to the industrial practice
Provide practical knowledge of business situations and brainstorming solutions to the same
Real time monitoring of learner path and capabilities
  User defined modules and granular learning support
Aims to encourage candidates to develop poise, grace and confidence
Fulfill the gap between desired and existing skills
A successful, proven and market tested concept
Provision for instant evaluation and feedback for further improvement
Fastest ramp-up time for knowledge/skill enhancement based on the latest IT environment
Engaging and interactive learning environment
Commitment to provide quality programs and training

GradFirst covers topics on technical and soft skills development.

The industry is encouraged to look at this set of students who are specifically trained for job opportunities through an organized placement scheme.

A list of upskilling programs provided through GradFirst is as follows:
List of upskilling programs provided through GradFirst
 Program Details
Program Overview

Reskilling Programs

Upskilling Programs
Business perspectives of Nanotechnology
Certified Embedded Systems Professional
Basics of Project Management
Essentials of ISO 9001 Certification
Essentials of Software Engineering
Effective Professional Communication Training
Developing Self-
confidence & skills for Job Placements
Foundation Level Banking Domain Certification
Foundation Level Information Security Professional Certification
Essentials of ISO 27001 Certification
Understanding CMMi Certification
Achieving Organizational Excellence through Internal Auditing
Certification Program in Retail

Soft Skilling Programs


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