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Customer Support: Everything for you

Email Support

The Support Desk offers a wide range of services which are proactive, top-quality and customer centric. We are committed to delivering enterprise consumer class, worldwide support with a single objective in mind: YOU.

If you have any question on the services of GradFirst, please send us an email at

The Support Team ensures that the customer queries raised by email are answered satisfactorily within 1 working day.

Live Support
Converse with Customer Support Executives from the Service Support Team of Mindlogicx in real time using VEDAS Live Support VEDAS Live Support is available on all working days between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Click on Live Support to start your text chat session with the Customer Support Executive

To start Live Chat, you will have to provide your KAC, Email ID or Phone Number.

Live support chat gives you answers to your questions on the spot in real-time, to ensure that you are satisfied with the services being offered through VEDAS.

VEDAS Live Support:

Enables Faster Response
Enables One-on-One Conversation with the Support Executives
Fosters your confidence in VEDAS
Provides a practical knowledge of business problems
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