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1. What is GradFirst and how GradFirst assists in making someone Job Ready?

GradFirst is the world’s first entity created exclusively for converting the young graduates into employable and self-employable by providing them training into reskilling and upskilling programs. These reskilling and upskilling programs are specifically targeted towards imparting the skills required on job. These skills include softskill training and training for specialized skills required in the various types of industries. While undergoing the skill enhancement training in GradFirst, the young graduates acquire a strong grasp over their field of expertise and they become ready to take on the challenges of the workplace.

GradFirst is created with a sole objective of empowering the youth of the new knowledge economy by providing them the knowledge and enhancing their employability quotient.

2. Who can join GradFirst and what is the process of registration on Job Ready Portal?  

GradFirst is created exclusively for the final year and pre-final year students studying in various colleges, institutes and universities all across India. These students may register on the Job Ready Portal for availing the services of GradFirst by sending their profiles through their respective institutes.

The profiles of the students uploaded in the database of the Job Ready Portal are accepted through the institutes only. This is done in order to ensure the recruiters that the database available through the Job Ready Portal is 100% genuine. So the students must download the Profile Submission Form from the website, fill it and get it attested from their respective institution. The attested forms may be sent back to GradFirst by Courier, Fax or Emailing the scanned copies. Once we receive the attested profile of the student, the same will be added in the database within the two working days.

3. What additional benefits the students will get after registering with the Job Ready Portal?

The Job Ready Portal provides the one-stop solutions to the registered candidates of GradFirst for getting Job-Ready and also Finding their Dream Job.

Once a candidate’s profile is uploaded in the database, it becomes available for the prospective employers to browse. Further, all the profiles registered with Job Ready Portal are validated by Mindlogicx and bear a Seal of Authentication. This gives an added advantage to the students as their validated profiles become available to the employers all over the world. Each student’s profile is given a Global Access Code (GAC). The GAC becomes a passport for the student to showcase his profile anywhere across the globe.

4. What types of programs are offered through GradFirst?

GradFirst offers the programs in reskilling and upskilling. These are the programs which provide the specialized skill enhancement training to the candidates, and assist them in getting their dream jobs. These programs are offered to the fresh college and university passouts, so as to provide them world-class and “On Demand” access to the learning material. For further details on the programs offered through GradFirst visit to Program Details.

5. At the completion of a Reskilling and Upskilling Program, shall I get a Certificate of Completion also?
Yes, After completion of Online Reskiling and Upskilling program, the Certificate of Completion is given to the candidates. Further the certifications obtained by the candidates through GradFirst are also added in their profiles accessible through GAC.

After completion of a Reskilling or Upskilling program, the candidates profile is moved from general database to the premium or platinum databases respectively. These are the databases which are provided to the prospective employers to shortlist the candidates depending upon their specific skill sets.

While designing the curriculum for Reskilling and Upskilling programs, the job-specific requirements for the program are kept in mind. Hence the employers are ensured that the Premium and Platinum Database contains 100% valid and authentic profiles of the candidates who are properly tuned as per their requirements for a specific job position.
6. What is the cost for joining GradFirst?
The standard registration for GradFirst is Free Of Cost. The only criteria for getting listed in the Standard Database is that the candidate’s profile must be attested by his/ her institution. The access to this standard database is also available to all the prospective employers Free of Cost.

After getting standard registration, the candidates may opt to go for a particular Reskilling and Upskilling program. The list of these programs is given in the Program Details. Depending upon his/ her basic qualification, the candidate may choose a specific program. The pricing of these programs is available here. After completion of the program the candidate is awarded with the certificate of completion and his profile is also updated accordingly automatically.

Secondly, after undergoing a reskilling or upskilling program, the candidate’s profile is moved to the Premium or Platinum Database depending of the program completed by him/ her. The Premium and Platinum Database is provided to the prospective employers so as to shortlist the candidates as per the Skill acquired by them in GradFirst. Further, the Premium and Platinum databases assist the employers in narrowing their search for the skilled manpower, who can be readily assigned to the critical project assignments while on-job, thus reducing their cost of training the new recruits for the specific job-positions.
7. How are the Reskilling and Upskilling services offered to the candidates in GradFirst?

The Reskilling and Upskilling services are offered to the candidates in GradFirst using Educards. Each Educards contains a 16 digit Knowledge Access Code (KAC) on it. The candidates can gain access to the service by keying-in their KAC and Password. The Educards are available for the entire spectrum of Reskilling and Upskilling programs offered at GradFirst. In addition to it, there are Educards for competitive and entrance examination preparation. These Educards are available for sale from the Franchisees all across the country. As an alternative, an Educard may be ordered for purchase by calling our Toll Free Number or sending an email to our Customer Support Department.

The registered candidates may order an Educard, when they join a Reskiling or Upskilling Program. The payment can be made by cheque or cash deposit at the selected banks.

8. What are the services which are provided to the candidates registered for various Reskilling and Upskilling programs in GradFirst?

The services are provided to the candidates registered for various Reskilling and Upskilling programs through a Service Oriented Business Intelligence (SOBI) Enabled software suite called VEDAS. The major modules comprising VEDAS consist of CMS (Content Management System), Self-Assessments System, Learning Path for real time performance monitoring and Interactive Graphical Tool called Dashboard for performance forecasting. In addition to this, there are other facilities such as Closed User Group, Knowledge Forum, Media Library and Digital Library. These facilities enable the candidates to share their ideas and resources among each other, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the entire learning framework i.e. VEDAS.

9. Who are the prospective employers that recruit from the Job Ready Portal?

The Prospective Employers are the corporates and public sector organizations from IT, ITeS, Engineering, Pharmacy, BFSI, FMCG, Construction and Retail sector. We are tying up with these organizations from public as well as private sector at a rapid rate. The sole advantage which the Job Ready Portal offers these Recruitment Partners is the access to 100% authentic and genuine database of candidates. The fact that these candidate’s profiles are taken directly from the institutions, ensures their ingenuity.

Further, GradFirst reskills and upskills the candidates through Job Ready Portal as per the requirements of the industry, thus making them employable. This, in turn, assists the Recruitment Partners to get the highly skilled and trained manpower from the Job Ready Portal.

Hence, more and more Recruitment Partners are joining the platform on daily basis and recruiting/ shortlisting the profiles of the candidates registered with us.

10. For how much time a profile may remain active in the Job Ready Portal?

The fact that the candidate’s profiles are taken directly from their institutions and only final and pre-final year students are eligible to join the Job Ready Portal, makes it mandatory for GradFirst to filter the profiles at the end of every year. Generally, the profiles registered with GradFirst remain active for a period of one year. For extending this duration, the candidate should request GradFirst using Profile Reactivation Request Form. Under special circumstances, the academic committee of GradFirst may consider the continuation of the profile listed on Job Ready Portal for another one year.

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