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Service Delivery


Service Delivery
1. Why I am unable to register with VEDAS service framework ?

1. The KAC is case sensitive. Ensure that all the characters of the KAC are in capital letters while keying in.
2. Ensure correct characters are keyed in. Watch out for characters like O (alphabet O in capital) and 0 (number zero) which you might have wrongly keyed in. Similar characters for taking precaution are I (alphabet I in capital) and 1 (number 1) and character S (alphabet S in capital ) and 5 (number 5).
3. Try to enter the password supplied “as it is” for the first time.
4. Fill all information marked as asterisk (*) to complete the registration process.

2. Why I am unable to login to VEDAS service framework. What should I do?  

1. Check the above mentioned points 1 and 2.
2. Type the correct password, if you have changed during registration process.
3. Check your service expiry date.
4. Check the number of assessment taken by you. If the number of assessments taken already exceeds the allotted quota then you will not be able to login to the system.
5. If you have forgotten the password, then click on the “Forgot Password” link in the VEDAS sign in page. You will receive the automatically generated new password in the email id you had used while registering for the service.
6. If you still encounter problem then send mail to or contact your nearest dealer.


In the service area of VEDAS, there is a Change Password button in My Profile Menu. You can change your password here. You are recommended to change your password frequently (at least once every month) to ensure security of your account.

4. The system doesn’t accept my new password. What is the reason?

Please ensure that the new password has minimum of 6 characters. The system will not accept passwords with less than 6 characters. There is a password strength facility in the system which gives you the option to select the right password suitable to you from three choices categorized as weak, medium and strong passwords. You are advised to select a password having a combination of special and alphanumeric characters; easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.

5. I forgot my password. What should I do?

There is a Forgot Password Link at the VEDAS sign in page. Click on the link. You will be asked to provide answer to the hint question that you had chosen during registration. On providing the correct answer to the hint question, you will be sent the new password to the email id you had given while registering in the service.

6. How to choose my mock test ?

Choose the main test you want to assess yourself from the list of mock tests in the drop down menu so that your Learning Path / Performance Analysis & Forecasting is done in a more realistic manner. Do not waste your trials for taking assessments that are irrelevant to your goal as there are fixed number of trials given for each Educard purchased.

7. I am unable to continue using the services. I get the message “VEDAS Service is Unavailable” while using the service. What is the reason ?

This happens due to any of the following reasons:
• Session expiry due to a long time of inactivity in the service area. For security reasons, the session will automatically expire, if the system is unattended for a long time.
• Network Problem at the user end.
• Insufficient Internet bandwidth at the user end. Ensure you have the minimum internet bandwidth connection.
In such cases, login again to access the service or contact customer support..

8. Why I am unable to start the new assessment / mock exam?

The new assessment opens in a new window. The pop-up blocker of the browser in your system may block the new window to open. To disable Pop-up Blocker hold the CTRL Key in the keyboard while clicking the Start button, till the new window completely opens or add to your popup blocker's list of allowed sites or disable the popup blocker before starting the assessment.

9. I get questions from chapters / subjects not in my curriculum. What may be the reason?

There is a huge databank of questions covering the subjects related to the various category of mock tests designed for each Educard. The cards contain subject wise / chapter wise question banks in a common pool of database in the server. The system has built in “Robot” assigned for each category of tests whose job is to pick up respective questions for the selected mock test from the central database by a randomization process enabled by special programme called “Smart Genie”. The Robot pick up questions based on the user defined criteria like severity level of questions (low, medium and high) and type of examination based on the duration of time ( full test – 100%, smart test – 50% and quick test – 25%). Smart Genie assist the Robots in carrying out smart searching of the relevant questions by randomization process. Robots use Smart Genie to pick up the desired results on the basis of the algorithm written in no time and sometimes in the process may pick up certain questions identified as “near accurate”. Though the Robo has been designed to produce accurate results from the best possible combination of strings used for search from the data bank for the specified exam, some times due to the higher level of filtration process fired by the Robots, the Smart Genie may extract questions from other chapters or subjects which may be closer to the search criteria given and considered as “near accurate” results.

10. Some of the questions are repeating in the assessment / mock exam. What may be the reason?

Out of a huge collection of questions in the data bank, the Robots have to choose the specified questions using higher level of filtration based on the severity level and exam type. As discussed above Robots look for the “next possible” or “nearest possible” search strings and pick up the “near accurate” results enabled by Smart Genie. This may result in the same question appearing in the mock exam some times. This is totally dependent on the search criteria given by the user to the Robots which in turn will trigger the Smart Genie to pick up the best possible results, thus resulting in the above condition which may be a rare phenomena.

11. Why do some of the questions do not have proper mathematical, scientific symbols or signs?

It may be due to the situation that some of the questions which contain mathematical or scientific symbols or sings may not have been recognized by the system properly. In order to address the problems the KRC (Knowledge Resource Centre) of Mindlogicx is working on converting the same as low resolution image which gets downloaded into the service framework when ever the user selects the option. This issue is being addressed manually on a continual basis and as and when the situation warrants so that the data bank gets updated with images in the place of text questions. However if you still come across such issues you may kindly report to the customer support department through email: clearly providing details of the mock test, subject and the question etc so that corrective action can be taken immediately.

12. Why I am unable to review the results of my assessment / mock exam?

The review window for the assessment opens in a new window. The pop-up blocker of the browser in your system may block the new window to open. To allow the Pop-up hold the CTRL Key in the keyboard while clicking the Review button, till the new window completely opens. Do not release the CTRL key till the new window opens.

13. What are Fuel Tank, cruise control and ground control in the Dash Board. How to use them?
Fuel Tank in the Dash Board gives you the number of tests available for you against the allowed quota for each Educard purchased.

Cruise control in the Dash Board gives your relative score as percentile against the current user community of VEDAS for the mock exam you have chosen.

Ground control in the Dash Board provides near accurate data on the Projected Ranking for the exam you are preparing for. The number displayed here shows your projected ranking based on your current level of study represented by the average score (displayed on the left side) and by comparing it with the “set average” score available on the right side and the past data of the actual exam you are preparing for. The Ground Control gives you a near accurate projection of your rank in the actual exam you are preparing for through the specially designed algorithm.

If the needle is in Red, you are not in a safe zone meaning that you may not get through the desired result in the final exam. Hence prepare for the rest of the mock tests in a manner that will be required to get through the safe zone. The average mark required to get through the safe zone may be input in the “set average” check box by which the needle may move towards the Blue Bank which conveys that you are in the safe zone and you may be able to get through the final exam. You can select the exam for which the dash board is required to generate the outputs from the drop down menu on the top of the screen. The ranking zones are different for each exam.

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